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Dental Technology– Lakewood, CO

Our State-of-the-Art Technology

Woman with beautiful smileThe field of dentistry is changing and evolving faster than ever, and to see evidence of that, all you need to do is look at Lakewood Complete Dentistry. Digital technology helps us find, diagnose, and treat dental problems in record time, all the while keeping our patients more informed and comfortable. If you’re ready to experience the most modern and relaxing dental experience of your life, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Lakewood Complete Dentistry’s Technology

  • Digital X-rays save time while reducing radiation
  • TMJ therapy can completely relieve chronic facial pain & headaches
  • Enjoy quick and painless laser gum treatment

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral photos

With this small handheld device, our team can capture close-up, high-resolution images of the teeth and gums and instantly display them on a large monitor right in the treatment room. Finally, our patients can see exactly what we’re talking about! This instrument helps turn routine appointments into a fun and educational experience, plus it enables our team to better explain someone’s dental needs so they can make confident, well-informed decisions about their care.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays on tablet computer

Compared to traditional film-based X-rays, digital X-rays are a huge leap forward in almost every way imaginable. They can capture and create images in a fraction of the time, they don’t require toxic chemicals to be processed, and better yet, they reduce radiation exposure by up to 80%! Plus, the images can be instantly stored, copied, and sent to make referrals or filing for insurance a breeze.

Soft and Hard Tissue Laser

Hand holding laser dentistry tool

Thanks to our Waterlase MD Erbium Laser, even the most sensitive periodontal (gum) related procedures can be performed quickly and painlessly. This instrument combines a highly concentrated beam of light with a jet of water, and with it, we can eliminate gum disease bacteria, remove infected tissue, and even provide cosmetic gum lifts while reducing pain, swelling, and bleeding to practically non-existent levels. Patients typically don’t even require anesthetic to remain completely comfortable during a laser procedure.

TMJ Therapy

Animation of jaw and skull bone connection

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joints, are the set of hinges that connects your jaw to the rest of your skull, and it enables your jaw to move in all directions, allowing you to speak, eat, laugh, and yawn. Like other joints in the body, it can sometimes develop issues due to strain, stress, arthritis, or injury, which can lead to pain and stiffness in the face that can severely affect a person’s quality of life. If you have a jaw that is difficult to move, pops and clicks all the time, or if you experience chronic headaches, click on the link below to learn how our team can help you achieve complete relief.

Learn More About TMJ Therapy